Sunday, April 08, 2007

This next post is about Viking combat...

Well, that's what I would be saying if I was Sudbury, Ontario's black/folk inspired metal band, Wolven Ancestry. Sadly, this is not the case. They did, however, play a killer show with Averse Sefira, Nachtmystium, Goatwhore and oh yes, 1349. More on that later.

The Gene and Mike Show fans, you are in severe danger... of becoming the best damn podcast/blog aficionados around for putting up with our most recent and lengthy absence. If this undertaking ever needed an indication of its casual nature, I would turn to our frequent sabbaticals. A fearsome combination of Street Fighter, metal and heavy schooling has kept us at bay. Naturally, we were demoralized and ill-prepared for the whimsical world of podcasting (note the alliteration). Then came along this glorious long weekend beginning with the aforementioned show (expect in-depth coverage next episode and pictures soon), and then a questionable UFC experience. There is much to be discussed and with free time oh so poetically slipping through the hourglass again, an episode is in order. A recording attempt will be made today. I don't feel I'm at liberty to go any further than "attempt" considering our bounty of failed "attempts."


Yep, this podcast business sure has taken a backseat and I'm afraid it will take a reinvigorating summer experience to bring it back to its former glory (not that far away!). However, we do plan to put up a valiant effort for this next episode. After all, our one year anniversary is just around the corner. Presents are of course, expected!

Still waiting on that Hellfire,

Monday, March 12, 2007

True Tales of Zazz

Zomgie, edition one of A Toast to Civility and Restraint! Don't forget to check Francis' art blog for sketches and if you haven't already, listen to episode 12!


What more solid foundation for a webcomic is there than a boner joke? Pun intended...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Take a breather, we'll head for the summit in the morning...

Well hot damn, are you being spoiled or what? Nothing all February and now, two blogs and an episode in two days, unfortunately for you friends, that is how we tend to operate here at The Gene and Mike Show, well except for Francis, he simply doesn't operate...

We have been rather preoccupied this month, February is a rather shitty time of the year, right there in the shadow of the productivity of January. Naturally, at a time like this we would say, "we'll try to pick things up." But we've been keeping in touch with our boys at Hordes of Yore and I guess you can say it's invigorated our... uh, bloodrage? With spring break around the corner expect more bands joining our ranks, a new episode and if all works well, bits and pieces of what should be a web comic.

Now that you're all updated, let's take it back to January 29th, the recording of episode 12. Aged like a fine wine yet a strong installment nonetheless featuring Hordes of Yore and Mistur. The show has a pleasant flow to it which I'm sure you'll all enjoy, well unless you hate fun... do you?

I implore you, re-evaluate your position on fun and then direct your attention to episode 12. Depending on your media player you may have to stream it with quicktime or real.

Or if you're feeling sexy...

I think Melissa is still with us,

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This is our present exhalation 2: Exhalate harder

You may or may not have bore witness to that last hodge-podge of a post that lay here before, but let me ensure everyone that it was not much. I sit in my chair now with a glass of water, a brick of cheese, a roll of crackers, and a (hopefully) clearer mind; I am ready to blog.

Who am I kidding These cheese and crackers are very distracting, but I blog on into the blogglefield... of blogness. Blog.

I'll try to cut this one short and get straight to business (bidness) as I'm already loosing focus to these array of other rare punctuation marks. Episode 12 of 'The Gene and Mike Show' had been recorded some time ago, and is finally making its way to internet. We joked in the show that you would probably not hear it 'till February, but we sure showed ourselves! It is now March. Enslaved in Francis' laptop for some time it has now been unchained for our dying audience, continuing our trend for having neither quantity nor quality (however the latter could be argued). As for our webcomic to be 'A Toast to Civility and Restraint', ideas have been flowing but, sadly, Francis has been a little less then productive on the artwork. I gave him my ancient scanner and, with luck, the F-Zilla (dare I say cop killa?) will make something of this along with the sketches he has done. Keep updated with the art blog 'Baptised in Fire and Rice' as it should be more then promising to see results once we intervene. Of course, also check back here again soon with Episode 12 fast approaching!

Wondering if I should have used the exclamation mark shaped like a heart there,

Sunday, January 21, 2007

We have such sights to show you!

Alternate Hellraiser related blog title: We'll tear your blog apart...

So yeah, our unhealthy fascination with Clive Barker's Hellraiser has reared it's twisted head once again. Apparently there's work being done on a remake (zomg), look forward to it ladies and gentlemen, if this film stays true to the original, we'll all be in for a hell(raiser) of a ride.

I'll be honest, I can barely think and writing this seems... unnatural, words seem to have a hard time flowing. I can attribute this all to the fact that someone in the other room is drilling a hole (I can only assume) very, very loudly. Why? Well, I'm not sure, it's not even that late, but it's dark outside and that should be enough, damnit! Man, it's way worse than that though, I can FEEL the sound violently working its way into every damn crevice of my brain. But, I'm sure we all have our own problems, so I digress...

There's unrest in the internet, my friends. Case in point, this little gem right here: For whatever reason, IGN feels the need to represent itself as a leading authority in every possible facet of life. Man, I can't even wrap my head around this one. "Hey, let's watch a couple of specials on the history of metal, read some wikipedia articles and make a list on something we have no right touching (Franics' virginity?)." Someone issue a fucking restraining order between IGN and metal. If "When you think of death metal, you think of Sweden. When you think of Sweden's death metal scene, you must always start with Opeth. They are the Metallica of the genre..." is a legitimate, admissible sentence in your mind, you should be ruthlessly hung like the dictators before you as Dismember and At the Gates defecate upon your precious Opeth albums. Nuff said.

This thing is slowly turning into a novel (novella), so I'll try to wrap it up. Francis is working on the webcomic, for the first time in two weeks, and we're working on making notes for the new show (first one of the new year OMG). New artists on The Gene and Mike Show band wagon include Hordes of Yore and Mistur. Stick around, if you will, we have such sights to show you!

Did you catch that thing I did at the end there,

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Forests in Fire and Gold

I know I'm a little late to give y'all a Christmas present but if you're Ukrainian like me (I'm looking at you Nokturnal Mortum and Drudkh!) then that's only a couple of days so Happy Holidays everyone! And a *little extra something for the Jews ; )

*Man I remember reading about Valfar's brother being buff in reviews of the Sognametal show but damn I was not expecting Brock Lesnar in corpse paint! I guess that whole football thing didn't work out for him...

2006 was quite the year in The Gene and Mike Show's history (arguably the best history). Specifically it was our first, but it was oh so much more. Remember that time Yngwie J. Malmsteen dropped into episode 5 for an interview? Or the blog heralding Dinobot's linguistic majesty? If you don't you better go back and relive the magick because 2007 is here and it should hold more action then you can shake a stick at (excuse my graphic language). A new podcast episode should be uploaded shortly and a webcomic is already in the early stages of development. Watch the hilarity unfold at Francis' new art blog Baptised in Fire and Rice (We still love the Bathory puns here, especially those that exploit racial stereotypes?). The webcomic will be titled A Toast to Civility and Restraint, as Francis failed to mention in his vague and sexually provocative ramblings, and we have plenty of sketches we're dying to show internet.

Now if you'll excuse me I believe I hear the call of my Slavonic blood,
Gene "I hope I didn't come off like a National Socialist" Parmesan

Uggg, this new color scheme is like sex for your eyes...

Stream Episode 11 (Remember to use quicktime or realplayer not windows media player like I wrote last post! Don't make me repeat myself!)

Sexy Flash Player

-Mike (probably could've used sex or sexy a couple more times)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Crush my battle opponent’s balls!

Mighty hails,

Bring on the unending frozen grimness! A glorious winter break has been bestowed upon us. Some may argue that this is hardly a winter break, “where is the snow?” they would scoff. My friends, here at The Gene and Mike Show, we call those people fascists.

We have tasted free time and alas, there is still much more to be experienced. Normally on such a Sunday afternoon I would be slaving over the fine points of mathematics and then retiring to good ol’ Guild Wars: Nightfall. Bwhaha, that was in the past, now I’m uploading episode 10 (omg spoiler alert?), writing this blog post and putting thought into recording another episode! The very idea of periodical recording… unheard of!

I reckon it’s about time I go rock out to some metal, you all can listen to episode 10. Clearly, you are the winners here.

Season's Greetings,

Heads up listeners: ID3 tags render the show unplayable on Windows Media Player (huh, wow) so you can play the show in the sexy flash player or use real player, quicktime, basically anything other than WMP, unless you laugh at danger and break all the rules. Should you choose the latter, I salute you.